Can We Do a Ketogenic Lifestyle on a Budget? – Healthy Ketogenic Diet

Is it possible to do a Ketogenic diet on a budget? Surely if you know what you can and cannot eat, that is a good first step. This book by Mark Hyman will help you with that step:

Understanding your goal is always the first step to being successful. So, know your budget. Many people go shopping without any real idea how much money they have in their account. This can lead to over spending.

I’m sure that you already know this, but we tend to spend more on groceries when we go shopping when we are hungry. So, make an effort to grocery shop after a meal.

Now down to the part that makes this about the Keto diet. There is a misconception that cooking a Ketogenic diet is expensive. And I will say that the cost of cooking Keto is more dependent on the grocery store you decide to shop in than the actual food you need to buy.

You see, if you begin to do a ketogenic lifestyle and then decide that all of your food needs to be organic and grass fed, you’ve just doubled your grocery bill.

But let’s be clear, organic and grass fed is not a prerequisite of the Keto diet. The only real prerequisite of a keto lifestyle is to keep your carbohydrate intake under 20 grams daily. Everything else you do is about leveling up your gains.

So, if you can afford grass fed, do it. Whether you are eating a Keto diet or not! Same with organic. Eating better quality food is just smart. But keep in mind, the price is not due to keto, it is due to quality of food.

For the rest of us who cannot afford organic, we will do grocery store Keto and improve our health and wellness none the less. So live a healthy Ketogenic life on the budget you can afford.

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