ClearPlugs High Fidelity Invisible Ear Plugs – Discreet Sound Preserving Hearing Protection for Concerts Musicians Motorcycle Shooting Travel and More.

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Powerful hearing protection with zero loss of sound clarity!

ClearPlugs High Fidelity Earplugs are designed to reduce volume levels with absolutely no loss of sound quality, clarity or muffling. Using clear soft silicone shells and transparent attenuating filters, ClearPlugs high fidelity ear plugs offer sound reduction levels up to a stunning 25 decibels in the most discreet and comfortable ear plugs on the market.

Perfect for everyday activities, and ideal for musicians and live music fans who need powerful hearing protection from noise levels at concerts and festivals, but require clear acoustics and sonic preservation of the music, vocals, and instruments. Whether you are a fan, musician, guitarist, bassist, DJ, drummer, vocalist, performer, stage crew, security or bartender in a nightclub, these ear plugs are for you. Also perfect for traveling, motorcycle riders, shooting ranges, and construction due to their ability to reduce decibel levels while allowing you to hear important noises and sounds such as other cars, safety warnings, or people speaking to you.

Each order includes two size options ensuring a perfect fit, and comes with an aluminum storage tube for safe keeping. Reusable, washable, durable, and extremely comfortable.

    Best Suited For:

  • Everyday Activities
  • Live Music
  • Concerts
  • Musicians
  • Sporting Events
  • Travel
  • DJs and Drummers
  • Security and Stage Crews
  • Motorcycles
  • Construction, Airplanes, Babies, Power Tools, Shooting Range, Studying and anywhere you are subjected to loud noise levels.


ClearPlugs high fidelity ear plugs reduce volume levels with absolutely no loss of sound quality, clarity, or muffling.
ENJOY CRISP CLEAR ACOUSTICS without muffling music or voices. Perfect for concerts, musicians, sporting events, shooting ranges, DJs, drummers, motorcycles, travel and more.
POWERFUL HEARING PROTECTION up to 25 decibels of sound reduction (25 SNR), one of the highest levels available in the market.
LOW PROFILE soft clear silicone shells with transparent attenuation filters provide an invisible discreet look.
GET THE PERFECT FIT with two size options included with every order.

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