Q&A Beginner Intermittent Fasting / OMAD Weight Loss

Topics and timestamps:
1:40 do you experience constipation? If you do how to deal with that?
2:50 Do you feel you would have lost all this weight still if you didn’t walk the 6 miles everyday?
4:39 What do you think of apple cider vinegar. And if it is something you think is good. How much and how often could we take it.
5:45 Compare and contrast benefits if you can ….higher intensity walks vs low-intensity walks.
8:15 How do you walk 6 miles in the house if it’s not on a treadmill?
9:05 My problem is that I like fasting, but I’m not into keto diet, but it seems that you have to do both to lose weight. please I want to know what to eat in a normal diet for breakfast and lunch.
11:08 Are there days when you are super hungry and thought, maybe I didn’t eat enough the night before? And then go on to break your fast early.
13:13 I’d like to know if you ever change up from 16-8 IF to other length IFs: 20-4 12-12 Or ever do 24 or longer fasts If so how do you decide?
16:58 Would like to know if fresh ginger water in the morning will break my fast
19:03 I’m about at my goal weight, and now I’m not sure what to do for maintenance. Have you kept up OMAD during maintenance, or did you add a meal in? Did you add extra food into your one meal? I’ve thought I could change back to a 16/8, but I’m pretty comfortable with what I’ve been doing.
22:45 How long does it take before you’re not gaining back what you lost all week on your cheat day.
26:40 Do you count calories at all? And when you do OMAD are you eating an entire 1200+ calories in your meal?
29:00 I read your book and it was great. In doing additional research on IF I’ve noticed a lot of information also comes up on Keto. In order to be successful on IF do you also have to do Keto diet?
29:45 I drink multicollagen with my coffee. Does this break the fast? I love your book!
30:52 How has God used you since committing to IF?
33:00 Can you exercise whilst fasting?
35:40 doing 16:8 now finding its keeping my weight steady would like to go to omad at some stage. is it better to gradually progress to omad.
36:50 I am stuck in the same weight with fasting/walking, should I just eat less to lose more weight?
38:15 how to do suggest breaking a sugar/carb/food addiction.
41:18 I’m very anxious and I eat a lot of junk food. Have you ever dealt with that?
44:20 What are you planning for your next online course?
45:06 I just can’t seem to get started on my exercise goal.
47:25 I am 68 yrs old….does age contribute to the difficulty of weight loss with fasting?
48:35 I feel like I’m just maintaining my weights and not losing anymore weight do you have any suggestions for me to start losing again
50:26 what do you drink besides coffee during your fasting hours? Do you take any vitamins?
51:10 I started IF 3/2/19, I am doing an 18/6, cheat day is Saturday. I have been within the same 3 lbs these last 2 months 166-169 lbs, my goal is 145. I am sticking with it , I feel good. but any tips?
53:30 When did you start seeing results
54:25 how long do you take to eat OMAD
55:00 When should you expect results ? Can you just start out by eating whatever you want ?
56:35 Been eating only 2 meals a day since jan. Lost very little. I am 5’6” in height n 146 pounds its not going down further
59:20 ​Is it crucial to cut sugar during your eating window? I don’t see results after 3 weeks until I cut on sweet drinks.
1:01:00 ​Loose skin is freaking me out! Is there anything i can do to minimize it?
1:02:45 started IMF about 2 months ago. started Omad 4 days. I lost 3lbs with Omad. is it ok?
1:03:45 im losing my hair. is that a side effect?

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