Royal Condoms – Ultra Thin, All Natural, Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Latex Covered in Odor Free Water Based Lube, 20 Count

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Healthy Sexing and Creating Long Lasting Pleasure with the One Of A Kind Royal Latex Condoms

Are These the Best Condoms On The Market?

If you are after a superior luxury condom at an affordable price, consider our 2 important guarantees:

1. Ultra-Thin and Comfort Guarantee

If you can find a better Feeling and Lubricated product of this kind anywhere on Amazon, just show us the proof, and we will send you a 100% refund of your purchase price right away, no questions asked.

Don’t trust our words? Just give us a try and see the Royal difference.

2. Strong and Durable Guarantee: Every condom you get is triple tested for Strength and Durability to give you peace of mind every time you use one.


✓ Engages your senses with every pump through touch and feel

✅ Provides extra comfort with smooth long lasting lubricants that don’t dry up

✅ Ultra-thin tailored design for a more natural fit

✅ Cosmopolitan Magazine featured as the “new brand of luxury contraceptive”


🍆 Length – 182 mm minimum

🍆 Width – 53-54 mm

🍆 Thickness – 0.064-0.075 mm


▶ Oral pleasure

▶ Standard intercourse

▶ Rear intercourse

▶ and much more…

Exclusive guide on how to use Royal Condoms will be included in an email (downloadable) after you make your first purchase.

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NO BREAKING, NO TEARING, NO LEAKING – Each and every condom is electronically tested (cruelty free) not once, but THREE times to make sure that your condom is never compromised during vaginal, oral or anal sex. We’re also FDA Approved making us one of the safest and strongest condoms available so you and your partner can always feel safe and secure.
100% HIGH QUALITY, NON-TOXIC LATEX – All of our condoms are made from 100% non-toxic, pesticide free, high-quality, ingestible safe latex and lubricants. We never cut corners, especially when it comes to you and your partner’s safety. Everything we use must pass our strict quality control measures so we can provide you with the best condoms around.
PREMIUM LUBRICATED FOR ENHANCED PERFORMANCE – Royal condoms are covered in a food-grade, ingestible safe, silky smooth lubricant giving you the perfect balance of not drying out or feeling overly lubricated while maximizing long lasting comfort, pleasure, and climax control.
SNUG FIT, SLIM FIT, TAILORED FIT – Other condom brands use gimmicks like magnum, XXL, or XS without any context of measurements. At Royal, we want you to know what sizes you’re getting so you can feel comfortable: LENGTH: 6.5 in. – 9.0 in., WIDTH: 2.0 in. – 2.5 in., THICKNESS: 0.002 in.
NO MORE NASTY ODOR – The latex that is used have low to no odor. Additionally, our neutral-scented lube removes the nasty rubber and waxy industrial latex smell that is common with other condoms so you’re not distracted or turned off during intimacy.

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