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Five children from Lakshmi and Fusco’s Schools in the the city donned the chef’s apron and made sandwiches at the International Chef’s Day celebrations, held recently by South India Chefs Association (SICA). The kids also got a chance to interact with chefs on healthy eating habits and easy-to-make breakfast recipes apart from winning prizes from celebrity chef Damu.

“The theme of this year’s International Chef’s Day is ‘Healthy Foods for Growing Up’ and we thought why not rope in children themselves to take part in the event,” says Chef M.S. Rajmohan, one of the organisers. “We preferred making sandwiches as they are colourful, healthy, tasty and liked by all age groups.”

Leo Robert, Principal of Bell Institute of Hotel Management, Sivakasi, says that traditional healthy recipes are becoming a trend in the Food and Beverages industry. “Both globally and locally, people are shunning ready-to-eat processed food items and turning back to old methods of cooking.” The event also had a panel discussion involving hoteliers, restaurateurs, chefs and home cooks on eating healthy. “We see a huge number of health-conscious people going back to karupatti, brown sugar and millets, while youngsters are lapping up various diets and are up-to-date with modern health trends.”

Chef Damu, says, “The idea is to wean off children from junk and instant packed food, deter them from eating out often and instead make them appreciate what’s cooked at home.” He adds, “The chef community should also learn more of the lesser-known traditional recipes from grandmothers and mothers and cook with love and affection, so that people relish the goodness of what they eat.”

“It’s important to pass on the knowledge of recipes to the younger generation. For instance, not many of us know to make a perfect kanji even though it’s simple,” says Alima Banu Sikandar of Palakarangal NGO, that brought in the children.

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