Surf Exercise – Best Surfing Fitness is Paddling

– Powering Stronger Surfers

Best Surfing Fitness is Paddling

50 – 60% of Ocean Surfing is Paddling.

Scientists say only about 5% is actual surfing.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just get out in the natural environment and paddle.

We paddle out.

We paddle for positioning.

We paddle to stay in position.

We paddle like crazy when caught inside.

Paddling requires cells in the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back to repeatedly provide energy to perform.

Some of the best surfing fitness you can get is correct paddling & swimming technique. Period.

While I am the first person to promote functional ground based movements I am also the first to teach that surfing itself is the best surfing training you can get and a close second is paddling with good technique.

There are different methodologies with regard to CV performance – however, for the most part get out and paddle.

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Best Surfing Fitness is Paddling

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