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Surf Exercise – Best Surfing Fitness is Paddling

– Powering Stronger Surfers

Best Surfing Fitness is Paddling

50 – 60% of Ocean Surfing is Paddling.

Scientists say only about 5% is actual surfing.

Sometimes the best thing to do is just get out in the natural environment and paddle.

We paddle out.

We paddle for positioning.

We paddle to stay in position.

We paddle like crazy when caught inside.

Paddling requires cells in the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back to repeatedly provide energy to perform.

Some of the best surfing fitness you can get is correct paddling & swimming technique. Period.

While I am the first person to promote functional ground based movements I am also the first to teach that surfing itself is the best surfing training you can get and a close second is paddling with good technique.

There are different methodologies with regard to CV performance – however, for the most part get out and paddle.

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Best Surfing Fitness is Paddling

Keep Surfing & Keep Training
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9 Minute Deadlift Circuit Workout – Cardio and Muscle Building

Want more energy & motivation? I made a free resource, included are the top 3 supplements I use everyday for energy and motivation:

This circuit consists of 1 minute of deadlifts, 1 minute of pullups, and 1 minute of airdyne bike following a 3-2-1 cycle – 30 seconds moderate effort, 20 seconds intense effort, 10 seconds all out effort.

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NEW Abs – Ab Gym exercise (female & male)

Abdominal Abs – Ab Gym exercise ( female / male )
– fitness exercises for ab – stomach – abdominals

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Upper Body Workout for Men: Full Upper Body Routine For Muscle Building

This upper body workout for men targets chest, back, shoulders, biceps, and triceps. The upper body exercises begin with compound movements. Then, as the workout progresses, you do isolation exercises for the shoulders and arms.

There are seven exercises in this upper body workout for men:

Bench Press
Machine Rows
Incline DB Chest Press
Lat Pulldowns
Lateral Shoulder Raises
Tricep Cable Pressdowns
Standing DB Bicep Curls

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Make sure you get a good warm up before you begin this workout. Do some jump ropes, jog, or run for 5 minutes to elevate your core temperature. Then, knockout 1-2 warm up sets on the bench. The bench press and machine rows are going to be your heavy sets. The other upper body exercises

First upper body exercise is the flat barbell bench press. If you don’t have access to a barbell, simply use dumbbells for the same movement. The rep rap for the the bench press is 6-8 reps. Make sure you perform a warm up set or two to prime your muscles for the heavy set.

Next, you will target your lats by performing a machine row. I like the option of a machine row because it will allow you to use quite a bit more weight when isolating each side. Use a hammer strength or any type of machine that works your mid to lower lat. Still, you’re going to be using the 6-8 rep range for this upper body exercise.

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Moving on to the next exercise – you will grab an incline bench and perform incline dumbbell chest presses. Shoot for 3 sets of 8-10 reps and take 1-2 minute rest between each set. Ensure you pack your shoulder back and down so you’re able to activate more muscle fibers in the chest as you press.

After you hit the upper chest, you’ll proceed to the next exercise which is lat pulldowns. This allows you to hit a vertical pull for your lats. Keep a slight arch in your lower back and pull the bar down right below your chin.

Now, time to hit the shoulders with the dumbbell lateral raises. I explain a great technique in the video that allows you to place more emphasis on the lateral head of your shoulders.

Then, you’re going to use the cable tricep pushdowns to burnout the triceps. Make sure you roll your shoulders back and down to take the shoulders out of the equation.

Last exercise of this upper body workout for men are the dumbbell curls. This is a great upper body exercise for full bicep develpment. Perform standing curls for 3 sets of 15 reps with 1 minute rest between each set.

Hope you enjoyed this upper body workout for men. Leave a comment below on what other workouts for men you would like to see. I would love to share my other best upper body workouts. Subscribe to the channel. See you on the next video! 🙂


Heel-Dig Squat Toning Exercise | Fitness

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