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High Set vs Low Set Training for Muscle Building

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You can build muscle with both high and low sets, but some people have a preference towards one or the other. Here are the pros and cons to each so you can make the best choice for yourself.


Muscle-Building Workouts Without Weights – Health & Fitness – ModernMom

A muscle-building workout is a great way to get a smaller, leaner and tighter body, and these workouts can be performed without weights. Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

Find out how to do push-ups and chair squats to build muscles with help from a personal trainer in this free video on muscle-building exercises for moms.

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Osteoporosis Exercise – Skeletal Fitness by Mirabai Holland

Clip from osteoporosis exercise video “Skeletal Fitness” by Mirabai Holland. Medically based workout for your bones. Helps combat osteoporosis and osteopenia. For women over 40, Mirabai’s exercise videos are at


Swing Set Fitness: Exercise with a Playground Swing… Bodyweight Workout

Swing Set Fitness: Exercise with a Playground Swing… Great workout indoors or outdoors. Swing exercises are often more effective than traditional bodyweight exercises. Everyone can benefit from Swing Set Fitness. There are swing exercises for legs, chest, shoulders, arms, butt, core, and other muscles. A full body workout can easily be performed in less than 20 minutes with a swing. This form of resistance training is perfect for weight loss or strength training. Not sure how to start? No problem, there are three Swing Set Fitness books to guide you through workouts and exercises. These exercise books can be purchased at www.SwingSetFitness.com or through any major book retailer.


Best workouts to build muscle

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