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NEW Abs – Ab Gym exercise (female & male)

Abdominal Abs – Ab Gym exercise ( female / male )
– fitness exercises for ab – stomach – abdominals

Please watch: “Chest workout – best home routine to kill pec muscle calisthenics and bodyweight”



How to complete Single Leg Squats – LA Fitness – Workout Tip

Want to see more fitness and workout tips? Follow the link to visit the “My LA Fitness Page”: Learn how to complete single leg quarter squats in this workout gym exercise video.


Back Workout – Beginners Foundation Muscle Building Routine

Today’s workout found in the FREE guide at is a Back Spilt featuring:

– LAT Pulldown
– Narrow Seated Cable Row
– Standing Pulldowns

View The Entire Back Workout Here –

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How to complete the Torso Twist Toss – LA Fitness – Workout Tip

Learn how to strength the oblique muscles with this torso twist toss. Want to see more fitness and workout tips? Follow the link to visit the “My LA Fitness Page”:


How to Do Pilates With Exercise Bands – Health & Fitness – ModernMom

Exercise bands are great tools to use when doing Pilates, as they add a level of resistance that increases the body’s range of motion. Click below to subscribe to our channel for more great videos!

Use exercise bands to tone muscles and increase flexibility with help from a Pilates specialist in this free video for moms on exercise bands and Pilates.

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